Docks/Lifts & More

Docks, Lifts, Swim Rafts & Accessories

Docks, boat lifts, swim rafts, kayak/SUP racks and more!  Cottage Works carries quality products with professional installation services.

We have everything you need to make your life at the lake complete. 

Do you need a dock, boat lift, swim raft, seawall, or other items for your property? Cottage Works can help! 

We have the knowledge to recommend the exact product to fit your needs.  Plus, we have the ability to provide you with professional installation and maintenance as well.

Stationary Docks & Lifts

  • Bulmann Docks & Lifts
  • Twin Bay Docks (Insta-Dock)
  • Starr Docks & Lifts
  • Wave Armor
  • Great Lakes Lifts

Floating Docks & PWC Products


    Cottage Works is a certified WaveArmor Dealer.

Swim Rafts

Otter Island Swim Rafts
Aqua Swim Rafts
Aqua Cycle


Kayak Landing

    Great Lakes Lift & Dock 

Dori Pole

Effective and humane bird deterrent.  Contact us to purchase one.


Job Well Done!

I’d like to thank you for the great service we have received.  It’s great to have a prompt and reasonable contractor available.  Thanks again for a job well done.

Steve – Big Star Lake

You are appreciated!

We arrived at the cottage yesterday afternoon around 4:00 p.m. and noticed the job was complete.  Thanks!   We really appreciate your dependability in doing the job when you commit to it as well as doing it when you say you are going to. Your business will do well with the professionalism you have in running it!
Thanks again Dann…… are appreciated!!!

Leon & Jan – Gunn Lake

What a Relief!

After over twenty years of putting in and taking out our own docks each year, we used Cottage Works to take out the docks last fall. What a relief to be able to get that big job done without having to get our son and friends to help us. We plan to have Dann and his crew put the docks back in this spring, and can’t wait to go to our cottage and see that huge job done for us.

Dick – Ford Lake, Fountain